At GBC España, we strongly feel our mission is to endorse and publicize the advantages of sustainable building. In doing so, we aim to transform the construction industry into a green and ecologically conscious framework.

Education plays a key role as a weapon to improve and spread the awareness and comprehension of sustainable design and building. Presently, there are few courses and workshops that address all the agents and areas of the building industry.  At GBC España – as in the other Green Building Councils around the World-, we are fully conscious of this and therefore wish to offer high-quality education in sustainability and ecologically conscious construction.

It is at the core of GBC España’s philosophy to promote the existence of an appropriate educational programme that satisfies the need to deal with a change towards sustainable building in the whole of Spain.

By promoting we do not intend to manage and administer, but to acknowledge and trigger other institutions to offer their own educational programmes and workshops, guaranteeing the adequacy and quality of academic options . This requires a complete action plan that defines the topics that are to be discussed, the goals that are to be reached and the agents that are to be considered. In sum, a strategy to assure the excellence we intend to achieve in all our syllabus.

 This is where VERDE, the tool promoted by GBC España, plays a decisive role. VERDE comprises our vision of sustainable construction practices, showing how they can be measured and evaluated in any kind of building. It estimates how each agent intervenes in this evaluation process, indicating the main factors that are to be taken into account. Consequently, VERDE describes the process that leads to an energy and ecologically conscious way of building.
Through VERDE we can identify and classify the issues that need to be focused on, thus incorporating them to our course outline.