GBCe at a glance

GBCe is a non-profit association that unites representatives from the entire construction industry, to work together towards an energy and ecologically conscious approach to the design of the built environment.


GBCe counts with the active participation and democratic representation of all its associates to manage and run all its activities.


The associates are classified in three categories:



Join GBCe

Take an active part in the change towards sustainable building. Joining GBCe you will enjoy great discounts in our courses and all events organized by GBCe.



Advantages of joining GBCe


  • -Show the responsibility your company takes by belonging to an Association that promotes the commitment of the Government, Public Administrations, corporations and social agents in promoting Sustainable Building.


-Take an active part in the General Assembly and have all the rights and responsibilites depicted in our articles of association.


-Appear in the list of Associates in GBCe’s webpage with your corporate logo, description and direct link to your company’s web.


-Use the GBCe logo in all your correspondence and promotional material, as well as your own web, showing your commitment to a sustainable and green environment.


-Join the Consultive Technical Groups, exchanging experience and knowledge to work on documents and proposals that benefit the development of our (building) sector. These workgroups hold online meetings to optimize the time and resources of our associates.


-Receive personalised information of GBCe's activities and inside information of the sector: this information is available through a quarterly news bulletin and through direct emails to our partners when the relevance of the news requires so.


-GBCe is invited to work in partnership with different Administrations and Public Institutions in sector regulation drafts, therefore our associates can influence the resolutions taken by our Public Administrations.


- Interact with the rest of GBCe’s associates, enabling you to expand your business contact network, exchanging experiences and widening your knowledge on the evolving field of sustainable building.


-Be present in the media through GBCe’s partnership with several newspapers and specialist/technical magazines. Take an active part in all the conferences, talks, debates, workshops and courses organized by our Association, increasing your presence in subject related social and business circles.


-Enjoy special discounts (20% off all fees) on our educational programmes and examinations to obtain the titles:

Authorized Evaluator

VERDE Expert


-Enjoy special discounts (20% off all fees) on building certification fees with our own evaluating tool: GBC España-VERDE

Previous registration of buildings

Certification of residential and office buildings