GTR 2014



What is GTR?

The objective of the Rehabilitation Working Group (GTR) is to facilitate the transformation of Spain’s buildings sector, historically dedicated to the production of new buildings, into a new sector whose objectives are the creation and maintenance of the necessary social habitat and living conditions for Spanish people. The new housing sector, thus created, can be economically viable and capable of creating and sustaining employment to deliver against Spain’s constitutional right of access to housing in full consideration of the environmental and social challenges inherent in this change.

The Rehabilitation Working Group (GTR) is coordinated by GBCe and the CONAMA Foundation, and has the following members:

  • Valentín Alfaya. Director of Quality and Environment at Grupo Ferrovial.
  • Luis Álvarez-Ude. CEO at Green Building Council España.
  • Xavier Casanovas. Director of Rehabilitation and Environment at the Col•legi d’Aparelladors,Arquitectes Tècnics i Enginyers de l’Edificació de Barcelona.
  • Albert Cuchí. Professor at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Barcelona Tech.
  • Enrique Jiménez Larrea. Lawyer, former Director of IDAE.
  • Francisco Javier González. Professor at the Escuela de Arquitectura de la Universidad Europea de Madrid.
  • Fernando Prats. Advisor to the Centro Complutense de Estudios e Información Medioambiental for its Cambio Global España 2020/50 programme.
  • Juan Rubio del Val. Director of the Sociedad Municipal de Rehabil. de Zaragoza.
  • Peter Sweatman. CEO at Climate Strategy & Partners.
  • Alicia Torrego. Manager at Fundación Conama.
  • Miguel Winkels. CEO at Fondo de Carbono para la Empresa Española.

Download the GTR 2014 Report in English here


Download the GTR 2014 Report in Spanish here