Our goals and objectives

The goals and objectives we intend to reach at GBC España, as in the International Association WGBC, are:


a) Increase social awareness and represent the desire of our modern society to evolve towards a more sustainable building environment in Spain.


b) Provide our sector with up to date and internationally recognized tools that allow an unbiased evaluation and certification of the sustainability of our buildings. Adapt these instruments to Spanish needs and legislation, taking into account the particularities of all the different geographical areas.


c) Research and cooperate with other associations, both in Spain and internationally, in the investigation for improvements in sustainable building. Developing and managing reliable and up to date tools and methods that allow the environmental qualityassessment of the building process: design, material selection, construction and life.


d) Join forces with Public Administrations, Universities, Corporations and National and International Associations to promote our principles and good practices in sustainable building design and construction.


e) Contribute to the evolution of the building industry/market towards a more sustainable environment.